2014 Chester County Green Business Award

The Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry and the Chester County Board of Commissioners have co-sponsored the annual Chester County Green Business Award since 1991. The program is conducted through the cooperation and support of the Chester County Solid Waste Authority.

The Green Business Award program recognizes businesses that use natural resources in an efficient and sustainable manner. These businesses may emphasize resource conservation, waste reduction, recycling and/or buying recycled products as standard business practice. Past winners have consistently shown that their practices represent substantial cost savings as well as environmental benefits.
We are very proud to announce the 2014 Green Business Award recipient.
DePuy Synthes companies of Johnson & JohnsonDePuy Synthes is a medical implantable and external fixation device manufacturer.  DePuy Synthes employs 300 people in the 1303 Goshen Parkway plant and 1500 in the West Chester area. Besides having an exemplary general recycling program, the plant was able to identify a recycling stream that was previously going to the landfill. Aluminum oxide bead blast, used to smooth the finish of our medical grade metal parts, is FDA regulated and must meet the highest standards of purity and quality. This meant it could be used only once then disposed. DePuy Synthes partnered with Omni Finishing to help recycle it for use by other companies with less restrictive manufacturing processes. Omni Finishing accepts the material back because they know the quality of the material. This adds up to about 72,000 pounds of waste diverted from their waste stream. Employees segregate, stage and prepare drums for shipment. The program produces cost savings, credits and rebates.

Chester County Solid Waste AuthorityFor more information about how you can be nominated for a Green Business Award contact Nancy Fromnick, Chester County Recycling Coordinator, at 484-796-4039.

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