Beautiful Lawn Beautiful Bay

The Chester County Conservation District has been working with Penn State Extension/Chester County to provide nutrient management information to homeowners for their lawns.  A contributing factor to the nutrient load problem in the Chesapeake Bay is due to nutrient loads coming from suburban lawns. As a result, the Conservation District secured a grant to allow us to educate homeowners on how to fertilize their lawns in a responsible manner.  Two presentations dedicated to educating the public on lawn fertilization were held in township buildings in the spring of 2010. An information table was displayed at Lincoln University and the Mushroom Festival where materials on lawn fertilization were available for distribution. Information will be available at various other events in the future. The presentation is available on compact disk. We will send the disk to homeowners who are interested in learning about the proper way to fertilize lawns. The Conservation District also has soil sample kits available at no cost to homeowners in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed of Chester County. By testing the soil in their own lawns, homeowners can apply the nutrients that the lawn needs without contributing to pollution of the Bay.

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