Chester Delaware County Farm Bureau





The Chester Delaware County Farm Bureau Equine Report, carried out by Delaware Valley University,  has indicated that there are 356 horses in New London Township.

It found that the equine industry directly and indirectly accounts for:

– Horse owners spend nearly $ 91.5 million on mainly local goods and services in Chester County.

–  The equine sector supports nearly 2,700 jobs of which 1,412 are directly related to equine.

–  The out put and employment supported by the equine industry generates  $ 81.4 million in house hold income for County residents.

–  4,110 acres are devoted to equine activities – pasture, crops and forage with a further 5,573 acres under agricultural and agricultural and conversation easements.

The equine survey clearly demonstrates that horse owners do contribute positively to the local economy, pay taxes and maintain productive open space while offering valuable recreational opportunities to residents.