Dog Licenses

Q. Do all dogs need to be licensed?

A. All dogs, 3 months of age or older, are required by the State of Pennsylvania to have a valid dog license.  Lack of compliance could result in a fine of up to $300.00. 
Q. Where can I purchase a dog license?
A. Dog licenses can be purchased at the Treasurer’s Office and at other locations throughout Chester County.  Click here to see a list of Outside Agents.  Please note that an outside agent may charge an additional 50 cents.  If purchased through the Treasurer’s Office the additional fee is not required.
 Q. Can I mail my application and payment to your office?
A. Yes, when applying for a license through the mail, please make your check payable to Chester County Treasurer, and mail it to Chester County Treasurer, 2 N. High St., Suite 120, West Chester, PA, 19380
 Q. Do I need to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope?
A. No.  PA Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Dog Law provides postage-paid envelopes for dog license usage.

Q. Do I have to renew my dog license every year?
A. Yes, dog licenses run on a calendar year and must be renewed annually.  However, you can, instead, purchase a lifetime license.  The lifetime license is available for dogs that are “microchipped” or “tattooed”.  Your veterinarian would have information on the microchip or tattoo process.  The lifetime application is a two-part application.  The first part is a general information sheet to be completed by the owner; the second part is partially completed by the owner, while the remainder is completed by the veterinarian who inserts the microchip or verifies the tattoo.  Forms are available at the Office of the Treasurer.
Q. Are reduced rates available to seniors or the disabled?
A. Yes, but you must provide proof of age or disability.
  • Senior Citizens: Those 65 or older (at the time of application) qualify for a discount rate; be sure to include your complete birth date on the application.  Proof of age is not required with a signed application.
  • Disabled Citizens: Those who provide proof of a disability are eligible for a discount rate.  Acceptable forms of disability include a copy of a “letter of award” of Social Security benefits, a copy of a “wallet card” for a parking placard, or a letter from a physician.
Q. How can I tell how old my dog is in human years?
A. Refer to the information on the chart in the Dog License section of this site.  Simply click on the link How old is my dog?