10-5-2017 Board Of Supervisors Regular Meeting Minutes

OCTOBER 5, 2017

The New London Township Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting convened at 7:00 PM at the New London Township Building, New London, PA. The following Supervisors were present: Chairman, Gerard Porter; Vice Chairman, Dale Lauver and Member, Mary Anne Steel.

No public comment on agenda items.


Lieutenant Michelle Swantner – PA State Police
Lieutenant Swantner gave an overview of her experience with the State Police. She also gave a report stating calls received from New London Township for September. There was a question and answer period with residents and the Lieutenant.

West Grove Fire Company 2018 Contract
On a motion by Dale Lauver, seconded by Mary Anne Steel, the 2018 Fire Company Contract was approved. The vote was unanimous.

George D. Duncan Subdivision Plan
Planning Commission Chairman, Ron Ragan stated that the New London Township Planning Commission conditionally approved the George D. Duncan Final Plan. The approval was conditioned upon Planning Module approval and an easement document, containing the specific details about the use and maintenance of the driveway and easement being prepared. On a motion by Dale Lauver, seconded by Mary Anne Steel, the George D. Duncan Final Plan dated June 6, 2017, latest revision dated September 7, 2017, was conditionally approved with the same conditions listed with the Planning Commission approval. The vote was unanimous.


Regular Meeting Minutes
On a motion made by Mary Anne Steel, and seconded by Dale Lauver, the
September 7, 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes were approved as presented. The vote was unammous.


Treasurer Report
On a motion made by Dale Lauver, and seconded by Mary Anne Steel, the October 2017 bills were approved for payment and financial rep01is were accepted as presented. The vote was unanimous.

Planning Commission
Planning Commission Chairman, Ron Ragan, repo1ted that there have been no new Subdivision Plans submitted. He also reported that Ordinance work on combining the RA, R-1 & R-2 districts and some revisions to the Accessory Dwelling Units are in process. The Planning Commission will shortly begin interviews for a chairperson to serve on the Township Park Committee.

Engineering Report
Township Engineer, Ron Ragan, reported that the new Floodplain Ordinance requires a permit be issued for any plantings, mailboxes, etc. that are placed in a floodplain. A permit for this activity will need to be created.

Zoning Officer
Trish Fagan repmted that twelve (12) permits were issued in September. There were no single family dwelling pe1mits issued.

Emergency Management
No report.

Property and Building Use
No report.


Gerry Porter gave an update to the Board on his meeting with the West Grove Fire Company. The meeting adjourned at 9:50 PM.
Respectfully submitted,

Trish Fagan Secretary