11-2-2017 Board Of Supervisors Regular Meeting Minutes

NOVEMBER 2, 2017

The New London Township Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting convened at 7:00 PM at the New London Township Building, New London, PA. The following Supervisors were present: Chairman, Gerard Porter; Vice Chairman, Dale Lauver; Member, Mary Anne Steel.

No public comment on agenda items.


Duncan Subdivision Plan
Gerry Porter added the George D. Duncan Subdivision Plan to the Agenda. Mr. Duncan had a copy of the Driveway Easement. After the Planning Module is approved, the Board of Supervisor’s can sign the Plan.

Regular Meeting Minutes
On a Motion made by Mary Anne Steel, and seconded by Gerry Porter, the October 5, 2017 Minutes were approved. The vote was unanimous.


Treasurer Report
On a motion made by Dale Lauver, and seconded by Mary Anne Steel, the November, 2017 bills were approved for payment and financial reports were accepted as presented. The vote was unanimous

Planning Commission
Planning Commission Chairman, Ron Ragan, reported that there are no new Subdivisions. A site visit is scheduled for the Brown Mattson property at 4:00 PM on Wednesday.

Engineering Report
Township Engineer, Ron Ragan, reported that on November 15, 2017 Delcora will meet with the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisor’s discussed the Wheatland Farms Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The Chester County Water Resources Association will be compiling a permit application for building in the Floodplain.

The Chester County Conservation District will review the Floodplain Ordinance to determine their role.

Emergency Management
Chuck Freese did some radio testing which was not successful for providing coverage to two Supervisors’ for our hand held radios.

Signage for AGREM radio station will be reworded to resemble signage used by the state. It will just be worded to tune to 1430 without monitoring AGREM.

Chester County is doing an exercise on December 6, 2017 to practice emergency procedures.

AGREM used grant money for a laptop and generator.

Property and Building
We are waiting for a proposal from Risk Associates regarding the damage to the
New London Township Meeting Room.

Zoning Officer
Trish Fagan reported that eleven (11) permits were issued in October. One (1) was issued for a single family dwelling. Three (3) Use and Occupancy Certificates were issued for single family dwellings in October.


815 West Avondale Road
Gerry Porter reported that New London Township was the successful bidder at a real estate auction for the 815 West Avondale Road property.

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Trish Fagan,