11-3-2016 Board Of Supervisors Regular Meeting Minutes



NOVEMBER 4, 2016

The New London Township Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting convened at 7:30 PM

at the New London Township Building, New London, PA.

The following Supervisors were present:  Vice Chairman, Gerard Porter and Member, Mary Anne Steel.


No public comment on agenda items.


No Administrative Actions.


Regular Meeting Minutes:

On a motion made by Mary Anne Steel, seconded by Gerry Porter the October 6, 2016 Minutes were approved as presented.   The vote was unanimous.


Treasurer’s Report:

On a motion made by Mary Anne Steel, seconded by Gerry Porter, the October 2016 bills were approved for payment and the financial report was accepted as presented.  The vote was unanimous.

Planning Commission:

Ron Ragan reported that no new subdivision plans have been received.  Riparian Buffer work continues with assistance from the Brandywine Conservancy.  After reviewing the draft presented, the Planning Commission requested some changes.  Work is continuing on combining the R – 1, R – 2 Districts and eliminating the RA District.

Township Engineer:

Ron Ragan stated that he is following up on Act 167 Storm Water work.  He also needs to apply for a new MS4 permit in September 2017.  He is hoping to do a collaborative effort with neighboring municipalities within the East Branch of the White Clay watershed.  Ron also reported that we need to do a Preventative Pollution Plan for the section of the Township that is within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  Ron gave an update on a retention pond in the Shepherd Hollow Subdivision.   In order for the homeowner to do the work he presented to the Board, it would take approximately 750 tons of rip-rap.  There is a new design using cocoa fiber with growing medium embedded that would make the work much easier for the resident.  Ron will speak with the resident to see if this option would be acceptable.

Zoning Officer:

Trish Fagan reported that nine (9) permits were issued in October, one (1) was for a Single Family Dwelling.  There were no U & O’s issued.

Emergency Management:

Dave Flad reported that the County has completed their winter plan review.  Dave also reported that he had been reviewing the Title 35, Health & Safety Act that DEP has made changes to.  There is no major changes that will impact the municipalities.


The newsletter is in process.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Trish Fagan