11-8-2017 Planning Commission Regular Meeting Minutes


The New London Township Planning Commission Meeting opened at 7:00 PM. Present were: Ron Ragan, Chairman; Mary Anne Steel, Vice Chairman; and Members Charlie Humkey, Martha Straus, and Lynne Klingensmith. The minutes were recorded by Maureen Zdun.

Public Comment

Ron Ragan made a Motion, seconded by Charlie Humkey, to approve the October 11, 2017 Minutes. Martha Straus and Lynne Klingensmith abstained from voting.

Brown / Matsen Subdivision
Chairman Ron Ragan advised that the site visit was cancelled tonight because crops are still on the property. Mr. Ragan mentioned that it would be rescheduled for November 30, 2017 at 4:00 PM.

Joe Clark Land Development Discussion
Joe Clark of Clark Bros. Nursery appeared before the Planning Commission to propose adding a pole building to his property located on West Avondale Road. The purpose of the proposed building is to store equipment. After some discussion regarding whether a land development plan would need to be submitted or not it was agreed to have Mr. Clark submit a letter to the Township requesting a waiver of the New London Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, Chapter 4, Section 103 to not have to submit a Land Development Plan for the proposed pole building.

RA, R ā€“ 1, R ā€“ 2 Consolidated Ordinance Amendment
New London Township Consultant, David Sweet, distributed the proposed revisions to the Consolidated R ā€“ 1 District dated September 28, 2017. The revisions were reviewed with some discussion.

Mr. Sweet also distributed a Memo from the New London Township Solicitor, Sam McMichael, regarding Zoning Comments dated November 8, 2017. There was some discussion regarding the Memo.

New / Old Business
Chairman Ron Ragan announced to the Planning Commission that the Township was the successful bidder on the property located at 815 West Avondale Road, which is adjacent to the proposed New London Township Park.

It was decided that the Planning Commission will have its Holiday Party directly following the meeting on December 13, 2017.

The Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.