5-10-2017 Planning Commission Regular Meeting Minutes



The New London Township Planning Commission Meeting opened at 7:00 PM. Present were: Ron Ragan, Chairman; Mary Anne Steel, Vice Chairman; Members, Charlie Humkey and Lynn Klingensmith. Member, Martha Straus was not present. The minutes were recorded by Maureen Zdun.

Chairman Ron Ragan announced that New London Township Secretary, Trish Fagan’s husband passed away and a moment of silence was observed.

Ron Ragan asked the Planning Commission if there were any additions or corrections to the Minutes. Charlie Humkey made a motion, seconded by Mary Anne Steel, to approve the
March 8, 2017 Minutes. The vote was unanimous.

Whited / Van Hoy Subdivision
Chairman Ron Ragan presented the Planning Commission with the Final Minor Subdivision Plan prepared for Guy Whited and Sebrina Van Hoy, prepared by Crossan – Raimato, Inc., dated
April 17, 2017, last revised May 8, 2017. The proposed subdivision plan proposes to separate parcels 69-8-1 in East Nottingham Township and 71-3-4 in New London Township that are currently on one deed into two separate deeds, one for each parcel. No construction or development is proposed by this plan.

Mary Anne Steel made a motion, seconded by Charlie Humkey, to approve the Whited / Van Hoy Subdivision Plan on condition that the review letter from the Chester County Planning Commission does not have any significant issues. The vote was unanimous.

Kieras Sample Subdivision
Ron Ragan advised the Planning Commission that Gerry Porter is looking for a way to drive the Planning Commission around the Kieras Farm for a tour of the property.

New London Township Park
Ron Ragan advised that the first inspection for bog turtles shows there are none. Three (3) more inspections are planned.

The Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.