7-19-2017 Board Of Supervisors Regular Meeting Minutes

JULY 19, 2017


The New London Township Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting convened at 7:00 PM at the New London Township Building, New London, PA. The following Supervisors were present: Chairman, Gerard Porter; Vice Chairman, Dale Lauver; Member, Mary Anne Steel.

No public comment on agenda items.


Resolution No. 2017-7-1 Agricultural Security Area – Marvin and Darryl King – Three (3) Parcels
On a Motion made by Mary Anne Steel, seconded by Dale Lauver, Resolution No. 2017-7-1 was approved. The vote was unanimous.

Steve Sullivan – Avon Grove Bulldogs
Steve Sullivan of the Avon Grove Bulldogs advised the Board that the Baseball field infield was in poor condition. They groom the field after they play. He requested an increase in the budget for weed control. The Board of Supervisors agreed to pay for “Dimension” a weed preventer with Round Up and Diamond Tex. Steve Sullivan will meet with Township Engineer, Ron Ragan, about where to place the batting cages.

Accessory Dwelling Ordinance
There was some discussion about the Ordinance and whether updates should be made to it. The Planning Commission will look at the Ordinance.

896 / 796 Intersection Signage
Gerry Porter suggested that the Township work on improving the signage. We will look at the original signage plan for the area.

West Avondale Road and State Road
Additional signage will be added to the intersection.

Traffic Light – Route 896 / Oxford Road / Olympia Road
Gerry Porter reported that he and the Township Road Master, Jack Arrell met with representatives from McMahon and Associates, who are subcontracted by PennDOT, to design a traffic light at Route 896 / Oxford Road / Olympia Road.

Meeting Room Repairs
We will contact Paul Risk to receive their opinion of the room.

Pennock Bridge Road Bridge
Township Road Master, Jack Arrell, stated that Pennock Bridge Road is traveled so much more than years ago. The bridge is narrow and its alignment creates a sight distance problem. At this point PennDOT is planning to just reinforce the existing bridge to increase the weight limit.


Regular Meeting Minutes
On a motion made by Dale Lauver, and seconded by Mary Anne Steel, the June 1, 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes were approved as presented. The vote was unanimous.


Treasurer Report
On a motion made by Dale Lauver, and seconded by Mary Anne Steel, the July, 2017 bills were approved for payment and financial reports were accepted as presented. The vote was unanimous.

Planning Commission
Planning Commission Chairman, Ron Ragan, reported that the George Duncan Plan is in process at this time.

Engineering Report
Township Engineer, Ron Ragan, presented the Board of Supervisors with a Pollutant Reduction Plan / Total Maximum Daily Load Reduction Plan. He gave the Board an over view of the program and explained his report.

Zoning Officer
Trish Fagan reported that twelve (12) permits were issued in June. One (1) Use & Occupancy Certificate for a Single Family Dwelling was issued in June.

The meeting adjourned at 9:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Trish Fagan