8-10-2016 Planning Commission Regular Meeting Minutes




The New London Township Planning Commission Meeting opened at 7:00 PM.   Present were:  Ron Ragan, Chairman; Mary Anne Steel, Vice Chairman; and Members, Charlie Humkey and Lynn Klingensmith, and Consultant David Sweet.    Martha Straus was not present.  The minutes were recorded by Maureen Zdun.


Ron Ragan asked the Planning Commission if there were any additions or corrections to the Minutes.  Lynne Klingensmith made a motion, seconded by Mary Anne Steel, to approve the July 13, 2016 Minutes.  Charlie Humkey abstained from voting.

Riparian Buffer Ordinance

Seung Ah Byun of The Brandywine Conservancy addressed the New London Planning Commission’s comments and concerns pertaining to the draft amendments to the New London Township’s Code To Improve Riparian Resource Protection and Restoration document dated August 10, 2016.

After some discussion it was agreed that Seung Ah Byun will incorporate the changes discussed and provide the Planning Commission a new updated version of the August 10, 2016 copy.  Ms. Byun advised that John Theilacker of The Brandywine Conservancy will be in touch with us to review.

R – 1 / R – 2 / RA Ordinance

Township Consultant, David Sweet, distributed the latest version of the R – 1 / R – 2 / RA Consolidation draft of the New London Township Zoning Ordinance dated 8/10/2016.

Mr. Sweet advised the Planning Commission that Township Solicitor, Sam McMichael is ready for the revised Ordinance to go to the County for review, however, the Board of Supervisors would like to hold off on sending the revised Ordinance until all revised Ordinances will be ready to go to the County including the Riparian Buffer Ordinance.

Flood Plain Ordinance

David Sweet distributed a copy of an excerpt from Leslie Rhoads email who is the DCED’S subcontractor for Flood Plain Ordinance reviews.  Mr. Sweet will send Ms. Rhoads a current copy of the New London Township Flood Plain Ordinance so she can work up a revised draft of the Ordinance for the Planning Commission to review.

To Do List

David Sweet informed the Planning Commission the following items are on the To Do List:


  1. Landscaping Standards.
  2. Accessory Dwellings.
  3. LED and changeable copy signs.
  4. List of conditional uses and special exception uses, by zoning district.


Old Business / New Business

Member Charlie Humkey asked Ron Ragan when the Planning Commission hopes to start forming the New London Township Park Committee.  Mr. Ragan advised that the Planning Commission will try to go over the list of Park Committee members at the next meeting.

Mr. Ragan also advised that work on the New London Township Park will probably not begin until late Spring or early Summer 2017.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.