8-4-2016 Board Of Supervisors Regular Meeting Minutes



AUGUST 4, 2016


The New London Township Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting convened at 7:51 PM at the New London Township Building, New London, PA.  The following Supervisors were present:  Chairman, Dale Lauver; Vice Chairman, Gerard Porter; and Member Mary Anne Steel.


No public comment on agenda items.


Stephen Sullivan – Avon Grove Bulldogs

Mr. Sullivan provided the Board of Supervisors with a handout stating the team’s intentions.  They would like to use the field as their “home field”and in lieu of paying the rental fee they would provide maintenance on the field.  They play in the Spring and Fall, approximately 10 – 15 home games on Sunday’s for both seasons with 2 practices per week while school is out and then will go down to 1 practice per week.  The team would like to have sponsors to help with costs, and hang signs showing the sponsors business.  There was some discussion regarding that the signage could pose a problem legally.  Dale Lauver offered to work with team to kick in some materials such as paint for dugouts and purchasing DiamondTex with the team providing the labor.  The team would have a cap of $ 1,500.00 for materials.

Jerry Pepper – 236 S. Deer Run Drive

Mr. Pepper gave an overview of the history of two trees on his property that were replacement trees ordered by the Developer.  The trees were not the correct variety. The Board of Supervisors agreed to replace the trees.


Township Road & Tree Bids

Harlan Construction was the only bidder for road equipment w/operator.  Pusey Tree Care was the only bidder for tree work.   The Township will purchase road materials through the Costars Program.  On a Motion by Gerry Porter and seconded by Mary Anne Steel, the above-mentioned bids were awarded.  The vote was unanimous.


Regular Meeting Minutes

On a motion made by Dale Lauver, and seconded by Gerry Porter, the July 7, 2016, Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes were approved as presented.  Mary Anne Steel abstained as she was not present for the meeting.


Treasurer Report

On a motion made by Gerry Porter, seconded by Mary Anne Steel, the August 2016 bills were approved for payment and financial reports were accepted as presented.  The vote was unanimous.

Planning Commission

Ron Ragan reported there are no new plans submitted.

Riparian Buffer Ordinance – The draft is still being worked on.

Ordinance – The Planning Commission is working on merging R-1 and R-2 and doing away with the RA District.  A list will be given to the Board showing what is to be Uses by Right, as a Special Exception and as a Conditional Use.

Engineer Report

Township Engineer Ron Ragan advised that he attended the Christina River Plan Meeting, as well as a meeting on the NPDES Permit for 2018.

FEMA – Ron Ragan advised that he went to the FEMA meeting.   The New London Township Flood Plain Ordinance will need to be updated.  FEMA and DCED will do the ordinance for us.

Zoning Officer

Trish Fagan reported that seven (7) permits were issued in May.  Two (2) were for Single Family Dwellings.  Two (2) Use & Occupancy Certificates for Single Family Dwellings were issued in June.

The meeting adjourned at 10:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Trish Fagan