9-21-2016 Board Of Supervisors Work Meeting Minutes



September 21, 2016


The New London Township Board of Supervisors Meeting convened at 7:33 PM at the New London Township Building, New London, PA.  The following Supervisors were present:  Chairman, Dale Lauver and Vice Chairman Gerard Porter.  Member Mary Anne Steel was not present.


No public comment on agenda items.

Stephen Cook – Land Development Approval – Waiver from Time Limit

Mr. Cook did not attend the meeting so no action was taken.

Tom Schreier – Storm Water Management Waiver

There was some discussion regarding the Storm Water Management Waiver for 287 School Road.  A motion was made by Gerald Porter, seconded by Dale Lauver that Township Engineer, Ron Ragan and Township Zoning Officer, Trish Fagan will handle the review and approval of stormwater related waiver requests.  With regard to the specific request from the owner at 287 School Road to not do infiltration due to a high groundwater limiting zone, a motion was made by Gerald Porter, seconded by Dale Lauver and the Board voted unanimously to grant the waiver.

Old Business

New London Township Park

Planning Commission Chairman, Ron Ragan gave the Board of Supervisors a status report regarding the park.

West Grove Fire Company Audit

Vice Chairman, Gerry Porter reported to the Board of Supervisors that the West Grove Fire Company had 4 years of questionable audits and inadequate Minutes.  Mr. Porter also advised there will no increase in funding for 2017.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Ron Ragan

Township Engineer