9-7-2017 Board Of Supervisors Regular Meeting Minutes



The New London Township Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting convened at 7:05 PM at the New London Township Building, New London, PA. The following Supervisors were present: Chairman, Gerard Porter; Vice Chairman, Dale Lauver; Member, Mary Anne Steel.

No public comment on agenda items.


Bill O’Connell, Supervisor from Penn Township addressed the Board about Aqua’s desire to purchase the Chester Water Authority. He is asking for each Township to adopt a Resolution to support Chester Water Authority’s Board of Director’s decision to reject Aqua’s bid to purchase Chester Water Authority. Gerry Porter read the Resolution. Mary Anne Steel made a Motion, seconded by Dale Lauver, to adopt Resolution No. 2017-9-2, supporting the decision of the Board of Directors of the Chester Water Authority to reject the proposal of Aqua America to purchase Chester Water Authority’s assets and customers. The vote was unanimous.

Flood Plain Ordinance
On a Motion made by Dale Lauver, seconded by Mary Anne Steel, the Flood Plain Ordinance of New London Township, Ordinance No. 2017-4, was adodpted. The vote was unanimous.

Chip Donovan – Zoning Permit
Chip Donovan requested a Zoning Permit for a shed at the Avon Grove Intermediate School for their ball team. The Board of Supervisor’s decided that a Zoning Permit needs to be issued but the fee is waived. However, if the shed is over 200 square feet a Building Permit must be obtained and paid for.

Pennock Bridge Road Bridge
Jack Arrell, Township Road Master, reported about the bridge’s weight limit being reduced and he stated that PennDOT’s plan is to reinforce the bridge. Jack suggested that the bridge be replaced inorder to make it a full two lanes and make a slight adjustment to help with sight distance. Township Engineer, Ron Ragan, suggested that the Township offer to take ownership of the bridge, with PennDOT offering money, so we can make the changes. Jack will contact PennDOT to discuss.

Jack Arrell also spoke about changes to the land at State Road and Pennock Bridge Road and also about dropping State Road down to help with sight distance.

Resolution No. 2017-9-1
Mary Anne Steel made a Motion, seconded by Dale Lauver, to adopt Resolution No. 2017-9-1, appointing West Grove Fire and Ambulance Company as the primary EMS agency providing basic life support services, and that Southern Chester County Emergency Medical Services “Medic 94” is the primary EMS agency providing advanced life support services. The vote was

Regular Meeting Minutes
On a motion made by Dale Lauver, and seconded by Gerry Porter, the August 3, 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes were approved as written. The vote was unanimous.


Treasurer Report
On a motion made by Dale Lauver, and seconded by Mary Anne Steel, the September, 2017 bills were approved for payment and financial reports were accepted as presented. The vote was unanimous.

Planning Commission
Planning Commission Chairman, Ron Ragan, reported that no new Ordinances are ready to adopt.

Engineering Report
Township Engineer, Ron Ragan, reported that the TMDL comment period has expired. There were no comments received from residents. Ron presented the Board with a map and information explaining where the Township stands with meeting DEP’s requirements. Ron will submit the TMDL Plan for the Township. Motion was made by Gerry Porter, seconded by Mary Anne Steel, to approve the PRP / TMDL Plan dated September 7, 2017. The vote was unanimous.

Zoning Officer
Trish Fagan reported that ten (10) permits were issued in August. No Single Family Dwellings were issued.

Emergency Management
Emergency Management Coordinator, Dave Flad, reported that he completed the NIMS paperwork for the County. PEMA has new certification requirements for Emergency Management Officers.

The meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Trish Fagan