Board of Supervisors Work Meeting April 16, 2014

April 16, 2014

The New London Township Board of Supervisors Meeting convened at 7:40 PM at the New London Township Building, New London, PA. The following Supervisors were present: Chairman, Dale Lauver; Vice Chairman, Robert Barto; Member, Gerard Porter.

No public comment on agenda items.

SECCRA Recycling Bins Removal @ the New London Presbyterian Church
Dale Lauver explained that SECCRA has to come and clean up the bins and parking lot as people are abusing what is permitted in the bins. Also items were being left in front of the bins. The Board discussed that New London Township should let the residents know that the bins will be gone in approximately a month, and that they will need to take their recyclables elsewhere. It was also discussed that it should be posted on the Township website and the newspaper explaining to residents that the actions of a few have ruined it for everyone and that is why the bins are being removed. Bob Barto also suggested that the fire company put it on their sign and he will see what can be done by the May 5th meeting.

Linden Lawn Subdivision Road Surface
Previous to tonight’s meeting, the Board met with Roadmaster, Jack Arrell and Dave Harlan to discuss the issues of product failure at Linden Lawn, Surrey Hills & Kings Row Road and that a plan of action needs to be developed. Dave Harlan advised that all the sweepers are tied up and it will be a week before they can come and sweep the subdivision. There was discussion that the roads in all the aforementioned subdivisions will be redone by the contractor who put the asphalt down. There was also brief discussion regarding a long-term project to pave all the roads in New London Township and how much it would cost. The Board agreed to meet at 6 pm prior to the next Planning Commission Meeting on 4/24 to discuss.

Logging Ordinance
The Board recognized Tim Nilan and he spoke regarding logging on Jim Matsen’s property. Mr. Nilan doesn’t believe escrow review fees are necessary, since it’s agricultural as opposed to commercial. Dale Lauver explained that it’s pretty much standard procedure to require insurance naming the Township as loss payee if the person doing the logging is not the property owner. Ron Ragan talked about the location and the fact that the roads involved are not in New London Township, so that escrow can be waived, however, the logging is going to take place in New London Township. Mr. Nilan asked about permit requirements and Dale advised he will check with Trish Fagan.

Ballfield Maintenance
Dale advised he would call the fence company to move it along since Mr. Schroder is anxious to get the work started.

Work Meeting Minutes
On a motion made by Gerry Porter, seconded by Bob Barto, the March 19, 2014 Board of Supervisors Work Meeting Minutes were approved. The vote was unanimous.

Old/New Business
There was brief discussion about road repaving and road drainage issues. There was also brief discussion about the Walnut Glen Rd. Bridge and when the road will be closed and posting closure and detour signage.

The meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kim Malone
Assistant Secretary