Planning Commission Regular Meeting February 10, 2016



The New London Township Planning Commission Meeting opened at 7:00 PM. Present were: Ron Ragan, Chairman; Mary Anne Steel, Vice Chairman; Members, Lynn Klingensmith, Martha Straus, and Charlie Humkey.  The minutes were recorded by Maureen Zdun.


Ron Ragan asked the Planning Commission if there were any additions or corrections to the Minutes. Lynn Klingensmith made a motion, seconded by Mary Anne Steel, to approve the January 13, 2016 Minutes. Martha Straus abstained.

Duncan Sketch Plan

Mr. Duncan presented a sketch plan to the Planning Commission showing his intention to build a single family dwelling with an attached in law quarters. Mr. Ragan advised Mr. Duncan to check with Township Zoning Officer, Trish Fagan, regarding the zoning requirements pertaining to an attached in law quarters. Mr. Ragan also advised that Mr. Duncan will need documentation from the Chester County Health Department showing that the existing septic and well are sufficient for the proposed single family dwelling with attached in law quarters. Mr Duncan also advised the township that the possible long range plan is to sell off 10 acres of the existing parcel to Camp Saginaw. He also asked the Township about possibly installing a lane / driveway near the set back line. Mr. Ragan advised Mr. Duncan that the plan they intend to submit will need to show where the proposed lane / driveway will be located.   After some more discussion regarding the sketch plan Mr. Ragan recommended that Mr. Duncan go ahead and have a plan drawn for the property.

Brackin Add On Final Plan

Mr. Brackin presented to the Planning Commission a revised Final Plan dated January 9, 2016 addressing Township Engineer’s review letter dated January 18, 2016. There was some discussion regarding the plan. Township Engineer, Ron Ragan, advised the Planning Commission that he is not opposed to the following four (4) Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance waivers that Mr. Brackin is requesting: 1. Section 2-404.C Requiring a Site Context Map; 2. Section 2-404.D Requiring an Accurate Field Topographic Survey; 3.   Section 2-404E Requiring a Final Resource Impact and Conservation Plan; and 4.   Section 2-503.12 Requiring Improvement to the Street.

On a motion made by Martha Straus, seconded by Lynn Klingensmith the Brackin Add On Final Plan was approved by the New London Township Planning Commission on condition that the four (4) Subdivision and Land Ordinance Waivers be added on the plan. The vote was unanimous.

India Imperatore Final Minor Subdivision Plan

The Planning Commission reviewed the India Imperatore Final Minor Subdivision Plan which was submitted to New London Township by Regester Associates, Inc. Mr. Ragan advised the Planning Commission that the plan has been submitted to Chester County for review and that he will have review the plan.

Other Business

Township Consultant David Sweet called Representative Dinniman’s office and spoke with Don Demasol regarding the Commonwealth Grant. Mr. Demasol advised Mr. Sweet that they have not heard anything about the Grant being awarded and that it is likely being held up due to the State Budget not being approved. He did say that the committee did meet in January and that he will try to reach out to see if the Grant was awarded and, if so, who was awarded the grant. He will contact New London Township with any information that he may find.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.