More than $308 Million AvailableTo Help PECO Customers Pay Their Utility Bills  Apply now for assistance through LIHEAP 

To help customers deal with tough economic conditions, beginning today more than $308 million in assistance is available for Pennsylvania utility customers through the Federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). PECO customers should call 1-800-34-HELP-4 to apply.  LIHEAP is a Federal program that provides assistance to individuals who are having trouble paying their electric, natural gas or other energy bills. Homeowners, renters, roomers and subsidized housing tenants may be eligible. Last year PECO processed more than 66,000 grants providing almost $28 million in assistance to customers. The LIHEAP cash program runs from November 2, 2009 through March 15, 2010. The cash program provides up to $1,000 in assistance. The LIHEAP crisis program runs January 4 through March 15, 2010. The crisis program provides help for emergencies including reinstating service that has been shut-off for non-payment, fuel payments, and repairing leaking pipes and broken furnaces. Grants are based on household size and income, type of fuel used and county of residence – and a family of four with an annual household income of $33,075 can qualify for help. To be eligible, annual household income cannot exceed 150 percent of the Federal poverty income guidelines, or:$16,245 one-person household$21,855 two-person household$27,465 three-person household$33,075 four-person household$38,685 five-person household$44,295 six-person householdFor larger households, the guidelines increase by $5,610 for each additional person.PECO manages the largest and most comprehensive Universal Services program in the state. In addition to LIHEAP, PECO has many other programs to help customers manage their energy costs and save money. Other assistance programs include: The Customer Assistance Program (CAP): A discounted rate for low-income customers.PECO’s CAP Rate now provides discounted rates to more than 130,000 customers.The Matching Energy Assistance Fund (MEAF): A program funded by voluntarycontributions of citizens and matched dollar for dollar by PECO for up to $1000 in totalassistance for those who qualify.Low Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP): A program that provides year roundconservation and weatherization assistance for qualified households. Last heating seasonLIURP assisted more than 8,000 customers.Customer Assistance and Referral Evaluation Services (CARES): A referral and information service designed to assist customers who have temporary personal or financial hardships that prevent the payment of their utility bill. CARES regularly assists about 5,000 customers each year.PECO customers who are not eligible for low and fixed income assistance but are having trouble managing their energy costs should also consider taking advantage of other programs including budget billing. Budget billing makes short-term fluctuation in monthly bills much easier to handle by dividing annual energy costs evenly throughout the year.All customers also can save money on their monthly energy bills, and help the environment, by using energy as efficiently as possible. For energy saving tips, rebates on energy efficient appliances, 20 percent discounts on energy efficient products and the store locations to purchase PECO discounted CFL light bulbs visit  www.

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